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                                              Cored Wires: Slow Payment from Steel Mills Add to Pressure for Producers

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                                              As steel mills adjusted down purchase price and pays slow, it posed threat for cash flow of cored wires producers, their pressure surged.

                                              Benxi Fengyi Metallurgical Materials Co., Ltd is specialized in producing alloys and cored wires. located in Benxi—an industrial city boast of steel and coking coal, Fengyi enjoys convenient supply of rich mineral and raw materials.

                                              Currently Fengyi is producing CaAl,FeB,FeTi cored wires with the first totals 150—200 tons monthly. Its products are supplied mainly to local and steel mills nearby which include Benxi Iron& Steel Group.

                                              Sales Manager introduced that though a bit expensive than FeCa, calcium cored wires, CaAl cored wires is gradually replacing these 2 kinds for its high performance in steel smelting.

                                              The company didn’t tap into oversea market. With record-low price and slow payment, the company wishes to speed up cash flow.

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